_Final Review [before the book]

invited reviewers: Carol Flores _ Tim Gray _ Craig McCormick _ Hannah Able _ Andrew Hesterman
a Ana de Brea
data 06 dicembre 2011 09:19
oggetto RE: Feedback on the Review Mon Dec 5

Hola Ana,

I congratulate the students in your studio for producing some very fine work this semester.  This was one of the most interesting reviews I have ever attended because of the originality of the work and the commitment and effort of the students.  All of the students applied themselves and can be commended for having strong concepts for their projects and for expressing their ideas through understandable digital representations and models.  Of course, there was a wide range of ability demonstrated, but most of the students showed depth of thinking and investigation by addressing structural issues, materiality and how the project could be realized.  There were some excellent use of precedents and some engaging, as well as informative, visuals.  As noted, plans, sections, elevations and renderings missing in several of the projects would have improved the work considerably; some students did an excellent job in communicating this type of information to help explain the scale, siting, context, etc. of the project.

All of the students changed the character of the space/place and even when we might have disagreed with or suggested an alternative location, these recommendations were meant to strengthen a good project not correct an error.  I especially want to applaud the students who stressed the experience of the user and the focused on ways many senses could be engaged, beyond just the visual.  Those who considered both day and night appearances and experiences were particularly successful and the issues of flexibility and multiple uses were interesting and also successful in many of the projects.

To see the work in a studio where all of the students addressed the problem with such creativity tempered with attention to structure, materials, and flexibility speaks to the inspiration and direction of the studio professor and I also commend you for creating the environment and opportunity for the students to grow collectively and individually.  It was great to be a part of your field trip, to discuss the ideas for this project and to see the final results.  My appreciation for your work and for the ideas, research and accomplishments of the students.



P.S.  The professional dress of many of the students adds another note of commitment and attention to detail that the reviewers I spoke to, and myself included, appreciate.


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